West Wilts

Group Category: Card Games

  • Whist

    We meet every Thursday morning at the Tesco Community room. The room is open from 9.30, and we aim to start playing at 9.45. We have to be clear of the room by 12.30, but we stop playing at a convenient point usually about 12.15 so we can leave the room tidy.We are a social… Read more

  • Bridge

    The Bridge group meets from 1.30pm on Monday afternoons and may include Bank Holidays if of interest. We are a home group and ‘playing numbers’ will necessarily be restricted to 12. Read more

  • Canasta

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  • Cribbage

    To make games easier to follow we are now playing exclusively with the continuous play board rather than the traditional old style board where direction of play can be confusing. in addition this board can accommodate 2, 3 or 4 players per game and for novice a three person game can be played with 2… Read more