West Wilts

Where did the mystery trip go?

The October trip was a mystery trip.

We crossed the Severn Bridge then soon headed nort and still no one guessed where we were going.

Some faces were a picture when we drew up at Big Pit which is the National Coal Mining Museum!

After a walk up the hill there was an audio display about the history of the mine and mining community, followed up with a visit to the museum and to the cafe.

The highlight of the visit was a trip 300 feet down the mineshaft. For this we were kitted out with a helmet and a lamp.

The we squeezed into the cage to take us down. It had surprisingly high ceilings and underfoot it was very safe for us.

We had a fun time with our very knowledgeable and entertaining guide. We were down almost an hour.

For those who elected not to go down there was plenty to see.

It was an exciting and informative day out.