West Wilts

Exercise - Melksham

Status:Active, open to new members
When: Weekly on Wednesday mornings 10:15 AM-11:15 AM
Venue: The Riverside Club

The Group leader has spent a large part of their working life teaching exercise to music, then re-trained to focus on safe exercises for mature people attending and passing the L.I.F.T. course, which stands for Low Impact Functional Training, and focuses on chair exercises, standing exercises, balance, toning and stretching.

Part of that course involved a type of Tia Chi known as Qigong Schibahi, which is eighteen flowing movements and very easy to follow. If done regularly, you feel physically energised and mentally relaxed, and it has proved to be the most popular part of the class. The class finishes with seated relaxation for about five minutes.

There will be no floor work, and no tea/coffee, so please bring water to drink. Ther will be a break for chatting and getting to know each other, as socialising is a very important part of any u3a activity.

If you have a stretch band please bring it, and wear lose comfortable clothing, such as tea shirt and jogging
bottoms. Defiantly not denim!

The class is totally non-competitive and everyone is encouraged to work within their own limits and rest when they want.

To avoid disappointment please do not attend any events, group meetings or monthly meetings as a visitor unless you have, in advance, contacted the event organiser / group leader or Membership Secretary (for monthly meetings), Thank you.