West Wilts

Exercise Class in Melksham

We have a qualified fitness instructor with years of experience teaching mature people safe exercise to music who is proposing to run an exercise class based in Melksham.

The session would start with gentle chair exercises, including lots of stretches to mobilise and warm up muscles and joints. There will be no floor work to worry about, but we will have a section devoted to easy to follow Tia Chi movements. Tia Chi has always proved to be the favourite part of the classes run before, as it relaxes the mind but energies the body. Everyone is encouraged to work in a non competitive way, doing only what they can, and resting whenever they want. There will be a comprehensive health questionnaire which will need to be completed before joining the class."

At this stage we are looking to gauge the level of interest before calling a planning meeting to set the group up. So let Alan our Groups Co-ordinator know if you are interested and what days suit you best.