West Wilts

Are you being scammed?

There have been a number of times recently when members have received emails along the lines of…..


I'm unable to speak over the phone due to serious throat pain caused by laryngitis. Please let me know once you receive this email. I need a quick favour from you.Kind regards,



I need to get Amazon vouchers for a friend can you help

These are almost certainly scams, if you think they might be genuine contact the person by another means not email, to query it. It might be worth alerting them anyway as the may have had their email hacked.

If you think your email has been hacked change your password and check that your emails aren't being forwarded anywhere. Your service provider should be able to help you.

Ken Foster is talking on online safety at the January meeting and you can download the Metroplitan Police booklet he will refer to here from our website.