West Wilts

A Scientific Expedition....

Nine u3a members visited the Talos Gallery near Calne, where the owner Richard Atkinson-Willes, and his wife Kate, entertained us.

We had an informative illustrated talk on the history and techniques of casting bronze, an art that can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Richard is a
sculptor by profession, but bought a foundry near Andover some years ago in order that its skilled workforce could continue to serve artists through a medium that Richard clearly adores.

The beautiful gardens are home to many sculptures, ranging from robins to a life-size horse, as well as abstract and fantasy figures. Further sculptures and paintings were on display in the gallery.

Kate gave a talk about how she and Richard spent the last seven years turning the derelict former milking parlour into the splendid gallery, retaining the cobbled floors
reputed to have been made with stones from a nearby Roman road.

A Scultpture at the Talos Gallery
The Gardens at Talos