West Wilts

A new Play Reading Group

Starting 16 May 2024 the Play reading group will meet at 2.00 pm on the third Thursday of each month, meeting at a new venue for U3A, the Bethseda Baptist Church in Gloucester Road. This is a fun Group, reading a variety of plays, ranging through comedies, dramas, thrillers and farces, though we will avoid anything too challenging! Absolutely no acting ability, or familiarity with play scripts is required. Those who do not want to read, but would like to listen will be very welcome.

Bearing in mind the duty on all of to reduce waste and recycling, the Group will be reading the scripts on laptops or tablets, though those without access to these will still be welcome, as members will be asked to share. Alternatively, if you prefer you can print your script if that suits you better than working from a screen.

Interested? Contact the group leader Simon W